Modern Days retailing has changed over a while where customers require multiple channels for buying the items from the Retailer. The Solutions should provide room for legacy selling mechanisms and understand the customer preferences and the buying behavior of the Customer. The Retailer should also be aware of what the Customer needs and deliver the needs quicker across the channel.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution  for Retailer provides different channels for the Customer to access, from the Brick & Mortar store to Online media to Mobile apps to make the Customer easy access to the products. The Dynamics 365 Customer service app helps the Customer log any complaints and refunds for the Retailer’s immediate action. Retailers are not focusing on the retail order but also need a bulk order option for the Enterprise customer. Different Pricing and Promotional capabilities of Dynamics 365 Retail provide a flexible mechanism for both Retail customers and Bulk Order Customers.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management uses a built-in Machine learning mechanism to pick the stock exactly from the nearest location to the Customer. The availability of the store and the Replenishment of Product stock is significant Retail Back office periodic work that has to be automated. Dynamics 365 Retail capability helps the Retailer get the cross-docking executed in retail time with the complicated product catalog.

The dynamics 365 Marketing tool understands customer behavior based on the chosen preference over time. It suggests with the product catalog which is favorite to Customers on the new season design availability of the preferred product. 

The Core Problems Dynamics 365 Solution solves for Retail Sector

Multi Channel Retail Capability

Dynamics 365 Retail offers store capability from Brick & Mortar ,Online Commerce Store and Customer Mobile App.

Distributed Order Management

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management tools helps the retailer to plan and deliver the order quicker and faster

Store Inventory Control

Dynamics 365 Supply chain automation framework helps the inventory control based on the sales classification of the Product

Real Time Cross Docking

Dynamics 365 Retail allows the store management to refill the stock based on the conditional parameter in each store locaton, category

Advanced Pricing and Promotion

Dynamics 365 Retail Pricing and Promotion parameter helps the retailer to adapt to different pricing and promotion with respect to Store, Customer Types and Categories

Advance Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service app helps the customer to identify the customer problems in terms of order and after sales issues and questions.

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