HRMS Software Dubai And Payroll Software Dubai

The Key Metrics or Modules Involved with HR Payroll Software Dubai are

Employee Management

HR Software core performance is based on the employee master and other parameters around the employee list. The HRMS employee details allow the companies to maintain the related information about the employees and the employee dependent details and Visa Structure if the company has provided Visa allowances for the employees. The complete payroll components are added to the employees, the payroll is generated either based on Daily rates or weekly rates or Monthly or a combination of all.

Recruitment Management

HRMS allows a great recruitment automation process where the Yearly Recruitment position budget can be created and approved. Based on the authorized recruitment budget, Job openings are created and published to an internal portal or can be posted to recruitment agencies or Websites. The Applicant’s details are captured automatically from portal or Recruitment websites; however, shortlisting of applicants based on scoring criteria is integrated with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence capability. The Different sets of interviews can be scheduled based on the scoring weightage and offered through the recruitment app.

Leave Management

HRMS Dubai has different types of listed leaves that can be paid or non-paid. The HRMS solution helps to accrue leaves based on the types of leaves. The Leave request can be raised from an employee self-service portal and approved by the direct manager. The employee can have a clear picture of the allotted leaves, accrued Leaves, and remaining leaves.

Performance Management

An employee’s progress in any company can be measured based on a milestone or Goal basis across a period. The direct manager assigns the Goals or Milestones, and the output is calculated based on the production of the goals. The Direct Manager can provide a rating for the goals accomplished based on the goal’s accomplishment.

Payroll Management

Payroll Software Dubai-based localization can help organizations comply with the Salary components based on UAE Labour laws. The Salary components can be a fixed Salary, or a Variable based Salary can be configured as part of the Salary. The Automated Payslips are generated based on different parameters for the Employees. The Employees can access the payslips from the Employee Self Service portal. The Payroll software UAE can allow the module to generate the pay file integrated with local banks.

Employee Service Portal

This module helps the employees overview the personal information and bank details for the salary processing. The Employees can request leaves from the employee self-service portal and be directly approved by the direct managers. Letter requests can also be requested from the Employee portal, which can be approved and provided based on predefined templates. The Employee can manage the teams directly through the employee self-service portals.

Shift Management

The Employees can be allocated to different shifts or different projects based on the industry for the Shift Management. Easy drag and drop-based shift management can help companies leverage the roaster management.

Microsoft PowerApps

The technology revolution has transformed every business through modern digital transformation allowing everyone to work remotely through a collective and collaborative approach. Employee management has evolved from being just an employee tracking based on excel to different aspects of Leave Management, Attendance Management, Performance Management, Automated Recruitment Process, Training Management, and Employee Self-service portal. Modern Hrms software in Dubai always complies with the local statutory labors laws. Dynamics 365 HRMS and Payroll Dubai, UAE-based software, is more on a cloud-enabled platform that helps enterprises connect to third-party recruitment agencies and websites to get applicant details for the open Job Positions directly. Cloud-based HR software Dubai organizes the documents and now generates the documents based on employee requests and government requirements.
The Payroll software Dubai region localized platform complies with local Salary, End of benefits, and other regulatory policies of the UAE government. The Payroll components are clearly defined and parametrized based on company and Dubai HRMS requirements. The platforms are developed based on multiple needs as best payroll software Dubai version.

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