In Recent days, Distribution has come across a more innovative method of delivering goods from the original equipment manufacturer to the End Customers across different geographical locations. Most Distribution companies are finding it difficult in terms of sourcing other products with an optimum price to meet the profit criteria. The Sales team aggressively works to find an enterprise customer to meet the deadlines and target of the Customer.

Modern Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations helps distribution companies to overcome today’s digital transformation challenges across the globe. Product or Item Management was hectic for distribution companies worldwide, but Dynamics 365 FO allows to manage of the items or products centrally. Different Product versions and attributes can be controlled globally and for the individual legal entity.The dynamics 365 Marketing tool understands customer behavior based on the chosen preference over time. It suggests with the product catalog which is favorite to Customers on the new season design availability of the preferred product.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations allow detailed demand forecasting for the Customer and the product, and the planning engine considers the demand forecast based on different machine learning mechanisms and models. Distributed Order Management allows the company to fulfill the orders without missing the delivery date.

Inventory control and Data Insights allow the companies to plan with the low inventory and solve the inventory pilling issues in the company. Improved cost management helps the companies to maintain the low inventory cost. Improved Procurement process and policies support to have an easy to procure from the suppliers. Purchase and Trade agreements allow a stateful control on the supplier pricing. 

The Core Problems Dynamics 365 Solution solves for Manufacturing Sector

Controlled Inventory

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations supports controlled Inventory Management which reduces the inventory cost and optimizes the process

Warehouse Automation

Dynamics 365 FO Warehouse management allows the companies to automate the Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Process

Quality Control

Dynamics 365 FO Quality control process allows companies to perform different parameterized quality procedures

Automated Procurement and Sourcing

Dynamics 365 FO automated procure to Pay process helps the companies to implement advanced procurement and sourcing procedure

Intelligent Sales Management

Dynamics 365 Sales App allows the Sales Team to get best approaches to close the deals in shorter timeline.The Lead to Order Process is more AI driven sales

Advance Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service app helps the customer to identify the customer problems in terms of order and after sales issues and questions.

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