Big Data And Competitive Analytics

Big Data and Competitive Analytics

Microsoft Solution on the Big Data Implementations

Our Capabilities and Approaches

Road Mapping and Assessments

For large organizations, sifting through data can seem like an insurmountable task. Developing a roadmap will help you define your analytics goals and the actions that will help you reach those goals. The Coherent Solutions team can help you create your roadmap and choose important fact-finding pathways, such as vendors, tools, technologies, methodologies, and standards.

Data Warehousing

Make decisions that improve business results with data that's standadized, includes historical activities, and is easily accessible. Coherent Solutions leverages data warehousing tobuild a reliable single source of truth in your organization. Our team can help you better understand the past so that you can make strategic business moves for the future.

Data Visualization

If you look at a document with thousands of data points, it's unlikely that you'll be able to make sense of it, let alone gain valuable insights. Visualization helps turn your organization's data from in comprehesible data into actionable items. Our team helps create enterprise-level reports and dashboards distributed through web, mobile, and APIs for a message that's clear to all.